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WRAP Team Releases January 2022 Quarterly Update


EPA and eight partner organizations launched the Regulations and End-Use Specifications Explorer (REUSExplorer), a web-based tool that compiles state water reuse regulations and guidelines and highlights the underlying scientific and technical basis of water quality metrics. The REUSExplorer is intended to be a resource for stakeholders interested in developing laws or policies for reuse, understanding the technical aspect of a regulation or guideline, and/or identifying whether reuse applications are regulated within a particular state.

The REUSExplorer is searchable by state, source of water, and end use application. The first end-uses available include potable water reuse, onsite non-potable reuse, and other centralized non-potable reuse applications, not including agricultural and landscape reuse applications. Additional content will be added in phases this year. Please email with feedback to help inform improvements to the web tool or content.

The REUSExplorer was created in fulfillment of Action 3.1: Compile Existing Fit-for-Purpose Specifications.

Today, EPA releases its latest quarterly update featuring WRAP activities from October through December 2021 and an introductory message from Radhika Fox, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Water.


The update highlights two new active WRAP actions and introduces four proposed actions that are currently under development. EPA’s water reuse team welcomes your feedback on the following proposed actions via through February 25, 2022. 

  • Action 1.6 Advance Water Reuse in Agriculture Through Outreach and Convening of Multi-Disciplinary Partners (Proposed leaders: Pacific Institute, EPA, and FDA)
  • Action 2.14 – Integrate Water Reuse and Water Security into FEMA Hazard Mitigation Programs (Proposed leaders: FEMA and EPA)
  • Action 6.5 Develop the Bureau of Reclamation’s Large-Scale Water Recycling and Reuse Funding Opportunity (Proposed leader: Reclamation)
  • Action 8.7Highlight Water Reuse Opportunities in the National Pretreatment Program Framework (Proposed leader: EPA)

The update also provides a snapshot of the current status of all 45 active WRAP actions and points to recent and upcoming reuse activities.


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